How do we travel?

Camels, elephants, rickshaws, plane, bus, boat, car . . . and not to mention by foot – are among the many ways we get you around. Generally though we use deluxe, air-conditioned buses on the plains and jeeps for the rougher terrains. Travel also includes domestic flights as noted in the itineraries. Travel by train is usually in first or second class air-conditioned compartments – in certain segments this includes overnight berths for sleeping. More details are available depending on the specific itinerary.

What is the food like?

This region is home to one of the world’s great cuisines. The choice and quality of the food is usually wonderful. Whether we are eating in a fine palace or under the Himalayan stars we will always provide fresh local dishes. These can range from exotic curries, fresh flat breads, tempting seafood, tandoori delights, and vegetarian specialties. We will do our best to satisfy special dietary requirements if we are informed in advance.

What kind of accommodation is provided?

We use a variety of different types of accommodations ranging from tents to palaces! For the cultural tours there is often the choice of deluxe or budget accommodations. Deluxe accommodations include five star properties (both heritage and modern). Budget accommodations are usually three or four star properties. Whether budget or deluxe, the rooms are always clean with private bathrooms and friendly management. We do our best to find properties with character whether they are restored palaces or colonial era retreats. For adventure tours we often camp or use very simple local lodge or hotel facilities.

What do the circular graphics mean?

The Adventure Level, Physical Challenge and Luxury counters are on a scale of ten, one being the lowest level and ten being the highest. So for the Odyski tour for instance, this is rated ten for extreme on the adventure spectrum and also for the amount of physical energy you will exert.
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How tough are the treks?

We’ve used the following grading system to help you decide which trek is for you:

  • Gentle treks will have you walking for up to four hours a day but generally would not exceed 3000m in altitude
  • Moderate treks have longer days with walks of up to seven hours a day, and they may exceed 4000m in altitude.
  • Difficult treks may include some days with up to ten hours of walking and they may reach up to 5000m in altitude.

What kind of equipment is provided on the treks?

We use only top quality equipment on the treks. This includes North Face tents and sleeping bags, as well as Thermarest Mattresses. We also provide cotton sleeping bag liners. Most of the treks use ponies to carry all gear although porters are used in certain regions. We provide a dining tent as well as toilet tents for privacy. Because we provide you with the equipment, you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive gear.

Will I get my money's worth?

At Mountain Adventures, we pride ourselves on providing good value to our clients. We guarantee that you will not be able to enjoy the same variety of experiences in such a short time as you will on our tours; and without the significant hassle of going it alone. Our decades long experience in the region lets you concentrate on enjoying your holiday.

What is included in the prices?

For the exact details of what is included in a particular tour, please contact us. Full details are covered in our Terms and Conditions. However, in general, our price includes:

Adventure tours also include:

  • Either ponies or human porters, cooks, helpers
  • Two person North Face tents with fly and groundsheet
  • Mattresses for sleeping
  • Water purification system (high capacity filter)
  • Oxygen canisters (where necessary).

What is not included in the prices?

  • International flight to and from the Indian Subcontinent
  • Visa and passport charges
  • Airport departure taxes
  • Personal travel or medical insurance
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Emergency evacuation costs
  • Items of a personal nature (laundry, postage, etc).
Full details are covered in our Terms and Conditions.

How can I book a tour?

To book a tour simply fill out our online booking form by clicking on the “Book Now” button adjacent the tour you are interested in. For special requirements such as group travel, compound itineraries, youth discount travel, accessibility travel, please contact one of our offices through our booking form. One of our staff will contact you by phone or email to complete the process. We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. US customers only – we offer a 2.5% discount for payments made by direct deposit, cash and banker’s check.

Will I need a visa?

Travel in India does require a visa. A visa should be applied for in advance and considerable time should be allowed for their preparation and delivery. Please search the web to find the relevant considerations for your nationality and whereabouts. Please contact us with your experience in this respect. We can then share your input with other travelers.

What if I need to cancel my tour

 Full details are covered in our Terms and Conditions.
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